Intense Sweeteners: for Whom?

In the 1970s the baby boom generation became intent on slimness; in the 1980s, on fitness; then, in the 1990s and into this new century, diabetes and overweight became bigger issues, too. The growing use of intense sweeteners has paralleled these interests.

From a health perspective, almost anyone can consume foods and beverages flavored with intense sweeteners. It’s a matter of personal choice.

Watching your weight?You can’t lose weight just by using sugar substitutes! But, because they’re usually lower in calories, foods sweetened with intense sweeteners can help you keep trim if you control calories in your whole eating plan. Calorie control from a variety of foods is one part of the weight management formula; regular physical activity is the other.

For people with diabetes. Intense sweeteners can satisfy a taste for sweets without affecting insulin or blood sugar levels. They also can help with weight control.

During pregnancy and breast feeding. Eating a variety of foods with enough calories and nutrients is the real issue. In moderation, foods with intense sweeteners can satisfy a desire for a sweet flavor without adding excess calories. That leaves room for nutritious foods.

Children. Intense sweeteners are safe, but not intended, for infants and young children. Kids need ample calories for rapid growth and active play. Foods and beverages sweetened with intense sweeteners are okay occasionally if children eat enough food variety from nutrient dense foods.

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